Property Due Diligence Survey

Property ownership is prone with variety of risks owing to its nature and the various interests it generates. The cases of missing green cards, duplicate Title Deeds, Missing files, moved boundaries and the like are a challenge to make people.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an in-depth analysis carried out to ascertain the most viable economic activity that can be carried out on a piece of land within given legal, economic and financial constraints. In simple words, it’s a study undertaken to advise you what alternative uses you can put your property into, at what costs, possible profits and within what time frame. Real estate feasibility studies if used correctly could be the one thing that you need to achieve your dreams in real estate. It is a very important study because amongst other things:

It shows you the limitations of what you can do.

Are you aware we have planning laws and the project you've been dreaming to carry out on your property may be legally impossible? It's not all things that are possible and the fact you're your friend did 10 floors on their property does not mean that you can do the same. Carry out a feasibility study and get to know what legal and planning limitations you will be faced with when it comes to developing your property.

It gives you a range of diverse possibilities of what you can do

A feasibility study will give you a range of possible investment opportunities you can undertake on your property without copying from the market. It gives you an in-depth survey of market trends with possible return forecasts to aid in making that decision. You don't have to do 2 Bed Room apartments like your friend; you can do 3 Bedrooms, or offices, guest houses or mixed developments.

It’s an incentive to receiving funding

With a feasibility study, the courage to approach a financier becomes automatic. The study explicitly shows the return possibilities when you develop your property. It is like a business plan that shows how your business will be funded and how the cash inflows and outflows will be like. It’s not a pipe dream; it’s now a reality on paper. No financier will commit their finances unless they are so sure you have a repayment plan for the same. These details are well captured in the study and so long as the feasibility study shows that a project is viable and can repay the loan finance, the possibility is, you have several financial suitors to choose from.

It will show the investment status of your property investment

A real estate feasibility study must show where your investment stands today and give you incentives of why you need to move to a better tomorrow. The study provides a SWOT analysis of your property today and analysis the opportunities you will capitalize on when you develop. The neighborhood analysis will help you know where your investment stands in the neighborhood and how you are contributing to the welfare of the nation.

It will help you manage your project costs

A feasibility appraiser is one very independent and objective person whose goal is to advise you on how you can achieve the Highest and Best Use possible on your property. A feasibility study gives you objective guidelines on development costs such that as you work with your QS or go to tender, you have an idea as to how much the project will cost. You can manage your costs and better still if you are limited financially, the study will help you phase your project appropriately. It is like having a compass to guide you on project costs. You will know that if you blow the costs, you have missed the return targets. How is that? Get a compass today in the form of a feasibility study.

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